Unique Beauty

Haustek oven is characterized with its exceptional and stylish design supported by the new technologies in control, cooking system, safety & environment care.


    Meat Probe

    While cooking, it is important not to dry out or leave the food uncooked. Meat probe helps you have the control at your hands during the cooking phase of fish, roast meat and such like. Just inserting it into the meat, you can cook your food at the right temperature just like any other chef.



    Cold Door Quadro 

    All Haustek pyrolytic ovens have 4 layers of cool door glasses that prevent possible burns. Even during pyrolytic cleaning in which inner temperature of oven reaches up to 500°C, the door’s temperature remains safe to touch. Designed for you…



    Multifunction Plus Cooking System 

    Electric ovens can adapt to any cooking preferences with their multifunction specialty. With the heating elements on the top and the bottom, or a grill and fan, they serve up many cooking options. Among them you can choose the right one; conventional baking for cakes or fan grilling for a roast.



    Double The Satisfaction

    The dual-fan convection system consists of two round fans that generate an even air flow throughout the oven cavity. This creates a temperature throughout that is even; it also means the oven heats up very quickly, reducing cooking times and saving energy. The circulating air also helps splitting up odors and so you are able to cook foods of varying potencies.



    Touch Control

    With soft touch sensitive control, make it so easy to use. No need for buttons and dials, it operates simply by touching and adjusting the time needed for cooking. With the animated display, you can easily understand whether your oven is operating, when your dish will be ready or whether you will need more water for your reservoir. Door open safety and auto-vapor stop features eliminate the excess steam generation for your safety.



    Easy Clean Crystal Cavity

    Technical progress in the ovens extends to even the cavity enameling process. The oven cavity in all Haustek single ovens are coated with hi-tech material specially for easy cleaning to maximize your comfort. The brilliance and non-porosity of this exclusive enamel are long lasting properties, allowing an easy, quick and ecologic cleaning of the oven cavity and trays.



    Full Glass Oven Door

    The full glass inner surface of the oven door is a standard feature in all  ovens. The oven doors having 3 or 4 glasses minimize the temperature reflected during the cooking cycle. Single sheet of glass surface make life easier since it is easy to keep clean and removable. It can be additionally used to safely place the accessories. The oven door can be easily removed to access inside the oven for cleaning.



    Cooking With Gas

    Is cooking for you is simply a matter of function or do you truly like cooking? If you are the latter one, then gas ovens are the best way to go. Oven cooked dishes with natural gas, turn out to be perfect and suitable for your dishes that you take seriously. Moreover, gas ovens tend to heat up and cool down more quickly, it may not be of concern for many people, but for those who have to cook in a hurry or have small children, this is enough to convince them. With this traditional way of cooking, you will have moist cooking, this is why so many professional chefs tend to prefer gas for themselves, as well. Therefore, learn from the tradition and consider embracing the future.



    Telescopic System

    Most of Haustek ovens have pull out shelf system that allows you easier  access to the trays without having it lifted out of the oven. Due to its safety stop mechanism shelf does not slide out of its track therefore it is very practical to turn over or taste the food during the cycle especially if you are cooking large portions of meal.